The World’s Blunt Engine.

Attention conservation notice: whinging.

It’s not often I find myself longing to get back to work on Monday, but frankly, the weekend is half-over and so far, it has pretty much just sucked. Fin was unwell yesterday, so I didn’t get to see her. Then I fell asleep earlier than I meant to, and wasted half of yesterday evening. I went to get a smoothie for breakfast today – my plums had gone off, despite being all of four days old. Then our ADSL router broke – we’re back to “hand round the broadband” until we can get a replacement. But I spent most of the afternoon trying to fix it, and not working, as I’d planned before determining that it had died. So I stayed in to catch up, rather than go to the pub and see my friends.

After three hours of work, I still can’t get CSS to do what I want. I’m getting closer, but I reckon I’ve got another couple of hours work to do. Except that, because Fin had to rehearse today, I’ve got to go get a bus to Wallington to see her. She has to rehearse tomorrow, as well, so I’m not even going to get that time with her. I try really hard not to resent the fact that her bands take away almost every Sunday and ever other Satuday, but some days it’s easier than others.

Oh, and it turns out I have no money . At all. I have only debt. It’ll probably be May before any of you see me out and about again. I’m not even planning to go out to celebrate my birthday in a couple of weeks.

Good night.

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