A Stupid Mob.

Well, that’s what I felt like when I got to the March yesterday, and realised I’d forgotten my camera. So, no pictures of the March. It’s not that I don’t think there’s a case for going to war against Iraq – I think there’s a very strong one, and I’m quite prepared to believe that Bush and Blair (well, maybe just Blair) know more than they can jusitifiably tell us – it’s a sad truth of intelligence that governments something cannot reveal what they know to be true, because they found out in a less than legal manner. The problem is that until they can convince the public that there’s a case for war without resorting to scare tactics, then I can’t support it. No matter the reason, there is no mandate for leading a country to war if it’s against the will of the population, which is why I went to the march, even if only for a little while. Convince the people, and I’ll go along with it, even if it flies in the face of my pacifist beliefs.

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