Time To Go.

2002 has been a shitty year for lots of people I know, myself included. So let’s get it kicked out the door tonight, and get on with a better 2003. I lost most of the last half of 2002 to the Essex debacle, and then gave myself December off to just let the stress slip away. So now it’s back to work. I’ve probably blown things on Marlowe for the immediate future, I’m forced to admit – a six month lapse does not look good to an editor (doesn’t mean I won’t try my hand, but I’m not optiimistic), but I’ve got other things to be doing now – Take A Walk With Me In August, a series of Monologues around and through London, is the next job – I want to try and get at least something half credible ready for Bristol – a minicomic or two will do, and it’s half writing itself already, so it seems feasible.

Other than those two: the 9A redesign is January and February – I’d like it to be faster, but between moving house, starting a new job, and a week in Edinburgh, it just doesn’t seem likely. If I can have that and enough material for Sean to make a start on Take A Walk done by the 28th of Feb, I’m going to be a happy man.

Here’s to 2003, folks.

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