I Know The Charms…

Copey’s a bright fella, and doing his version of “The 18 Charms Of Odin” on the stereo right now, so it’ll do for a title. Yes, I am still alive. Yes, I am still in the process of moving, but there’s only a week and a couple of days to go, so that should all be sorted nicely, and with any luck, I’ll manage more than one update every couple of weeks.

I would have posted my thoughts on the new Potter movie, but I thought I’d wait a week or to, so save LJ folks getting accidentally spoilered by my lack of ability to use the cut tag. Non-spoiler version in the meantime: Highly enjoyable, but I’m glad Chris Columbus isn’t directing number three – his stylistic quirks are more prevalent in this than in the first one, and they annoy me.

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