Just Like That Robbery In ’62

I know it’s been quiet on here of late. I’ve been busy. And to be honest, the stuff that’d be most interesting and entertaining to write about, well, it’s not for public consumption. Not because I want to keep it quiet, but more because I don’t really feel the need to let other people judge, if you see what I mean. All too often, you read a blog or LJ about the ghastly trauma in someone’s life, and then you get to watch their friends telling them that no, they’re in the right, and it’s all OK, or, about as often, a plethora of people denouncing them as scum. On this occaision, my life’s gone a bit fucking soap-opera, and I’m really not interested in what the rest of the world thinks. As soon as something interesting happens to me that doesn’t sound like an old Neighbours episode, I’ll let you know.

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