Still No Email.

Beginning to go completely insane. Surely it’ll come back soon, won’t it? Also, becoming seriously concerned about the fact that I don’t seem to be able to get my central heating to work, even a little. Winter’s going to be a bastard, in this flat…

6 thoughts on “Still No Email.

  1. I wish I knew. I switch it on, I get hot water for the shower, but none of the radiators give out any heat. Not a problem *yet* but give it a month and I may be very uncomfortable. Still, speaking to the letting agent tomorrow.

  2. Have you tried bleeding the radiators yet?If it’s an old system it might have alot of air in it.Is the pump working?Sometimes they freeze up over the summer but a good kick usually gets them going again.

    Can’t you tell I’ve had alot of problems in the past with boilers,eh?


  3. If your heating system turns out to be pretty bad, make sure you get a space heater. That’s how I survived without heat in my apartment for over a month (it wasn’t supposed to be that cold in early October). I actually have to use it in my condo during the winter, because I have no heat in my bathroom. Helps to have the room warm before I step into the shower.

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