No, I’m not dead.

I was going to write and post some short fiction this evening, but I can’t get it come together, which will at least teach me that ideas had under the influence of Kate Bush lyrics are probably less clever than they first appear. And I seem to have accidentally spent all evening writing e-mails and posting to message boards.

I have been trying to explain the more transcendental aspects of The Invisibles to some of my friends, who are probably about to give up on me either as hopelessly mad or a complete poseur. I think, on balance, I’d rather be the former. So long as I could be the latter in my spare time.

7 thoughts on “No, I’m not dead.

  1. The Invisibles

    I’m hoping it will all make more sense when I’ve completed my collection. I’m missing Apocalipstick and whatever else isn’t available in trade pbk.

    I was chuffed to notice that by the end of Tenebrae my hair resembled Ragged Robin’s though.

    And er, Kate Bush lyrics? Don’t they mostly consist of ‘whoa whoooaaaoooo ohhohh it’s me ooh ohhohhhoooh’ and ‘babuschka, babuschka, babuschka aye yi’? *boggle* ;D

  2. Re: The Invisibles

    They’ve just announced the last collection (all of volume 3) for November, at long bloody last.

    And that’s what I thought about Kate Bush, too, but I picked up The Red Shoes for a fiver on a whim the other week, and am delighted to discover that it’s actually nothing like the singles that everyone knows. There are intelligible words and everything.

  3. The Invisibles

    If they have not read it it is impossible to explain.
    If they Have read it they will either understand it or not.
    It is the finnegans wake of comic books.

    When I first read it as it was coming out I was only able to gleam the barest part.

    Now I see it for the fucking intricate spell it is.

    Operation Mindfuck in all its glory

  4. Re: The Invisibles

    Now you just have to buy all the other albums. Starting with The Hounds of Love I suppose, though you can pick up The Kick Inside quite cheap in Virgin at the moment.

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