Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

If this works, I’ll have just posted to my Livejournal using my Visor. If I’d known that was possible, I’d have signedup to LJ long ago…

6 thoughts on “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

  1. You never asked?

    I actually did know that it’s possible, I can’t remember who updates their journal from their Visor now, but someone’s mentioned it. Might be Jo actually.

  2. Well, it’s not the sort of thing one thinks to ask. I’ve spent ages trying to get a visor-to-blog tools running, and now I find someone’s done an LJ one already? Bah!

  3. I see you haven’t posted these to your blog? You know you can embed LJ in your website seamlessly? (Although you might need a paid account, but they are pretty cheap.)

  4. Yeah, I know, but I’d rather keep them seperate. There’ll be things on here that aren’t on there, and vice versa. I’m still trying to decide exactly what will go where, but never fear – in the event of there being something interesting on one that’s not on the other, I will flag it up, at least.

  5. Yeah – I actually use my Visor for updating LJ and reading books a hell of a lot more than I use the organiser functions or anything like that :)

  6. My visor is my life. I get a fair amount of use out of the organiser, but mostly I use it to write on, wherever I am. I bought the keyboard for it, just so I could get a productive amount of work done on it. Sadly, I have no excuse for the camera, apart form a dreadful gadget fetish.

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