Two Light Sky

I’m sitting here watching the sky fade over Tooting, a weird medley of bright pale blues and yellows shot through with long fingers of full night blue in the clouds, a grapefruit and rosemary candle burning, Tom Waits on the stereo. I’ve done nothing with my day. So it’s time to catch up on my mail, and then get on with a bit of work, I think. I can feel my body’s rythmns adjusting to the free time already. Without a job to get up for, I switch to my default cycle, which basically means sitting up to three in the morning at the computer, then reading for a bit, before getting to sleep in time to wake up at about 11am. It takes me about three of four days to fall into it, but by the end of the week, I’ll be back in a sleep pattern I like, one that will see me at my most productive. I always get more done after midnight. The words come more naturally, for no reason I can fathom…

But in the mean time, I’m just going to watch the light fade.

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