Shopping Yesterday.

Spending a chunk of the redundancy cheque yesterday – a new suit and shirt, a cyberdog tshirt with flashing lights, new sunglasses, a few CDs – Cocteau Twins, Throwing Muses, Flogging Molly, and best of all, Gallon Drunk and Derek Raymond doing DORA SUAREZ, which is one of my favourite books. Not a bad haul at all. A bit more shopping to do yet – Marysia and I are probably off to Torture Garden at the end of the month, and I reall don’t have anything suitable in my wardrobe, these days.

One thought on “Shopping Yesterday.

  1. ha ha ha. You’ll probably see Anj there. “can I take your picture? pleeease?”
    There is a rich kid a my college that bought a custom made cyberdog waistcoat for a ridiculously large amount of money. It looked cheap though.
    Flashing lights rock – if I ever get round to buying transmuters I am going to get those flashing light panels…

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