New Home.

I should be back on-line by this time tomorrow, so I’ll post this then. I’ve made some headway on the unpacking tonight – the kitchen is almost completely sorted out and indeed, stocked with some food – god knows what I’m going to do with all this cupboard and fridge space. I’m sitting here, surrounded by boxes, drinking a chilled cherry beer, reading a few web pages I saved at work today. I’m going to see Jason X tonight, because no-one else I know is going to want to see it, and I feel the need to take advantage of living five minutes walk from a cinema.

Anyway, time to get back to reading.

Or unpacking, I suppose. But y’know, I think I like this new home business. It’s a bit quiet, and I suspect that there’ll be times I’ll miss the company, having been used to living with good friends, but still…

10 thoughts on “New Home.

  1. I suspect that there’ll be times I’ll miss the company, having been used to living with good friends, but still…

    Nah, thats what the internet’s for matey :)~ I’m looking forwards to getting my own place (or at the very least, a place on my own) in the future. How much is rent OOI?

  2. Glad you’re settling in!

    I have the two big moving days tomorrow – with all the boxs of books and things being moved tomorrow by lots of big strapping male friends – well, Gordon, Hugh and Paul etc … And Friday all the furniture. I’m totally sick of it all at the moment, so you’re giving me inspiration…

  3. Serial killer murders attractive young things in outer space, and you didn’t think I would want to see that? Oh, how quickly they forget their old friends when they fly the coop…

    Glad to hear it’s going well! We still have your cream jug.

  4. You and I may be the only people who do, then. I was the only person in the cinema when I saw it. It was weird, sitting there alone. I’ve been to showing with only a couple of people before, but never been completely alone.

    But it’s well worth seeing. Big laughs. I’d happily see it again.

  5. I dunno, I don’t think the internet is quite the same, really. The rent’s 600 a month, which is just about affordable, although I’m going to see how I’m doing by the time I’ve dealt with council tax and bills as well…

  6. Boxes

    Oh yeah. I should get a lot more unpacked over the next few days as my parents are leaving and I’ll have more room to manoeuvre. I haven’t unpacked any books or comics as I hadn’t decided where the shelves are going – so that’s about 8 boxes worth right there.

  7. Yeah, I find that I’m a bit more sociable when I’m living on my own. Call it flatmate cabin fever :)~

    600ukp is good. I was looking at around 700ukp, although I’m loathe to spend so much money on simply surviving! Know what I mean?

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