Morning Routine.

I’m not in the office today. I’ll be in for my last two days tomorrow and Friday, but I’ve got a job interview this afternoon, so I’m staying at home. I’m got nothing dreadfully pressing to do in the office anyway. So far today, I have got up, done a bit of work, done my yoga (I’m going to try and do at least half an hour every day, while I’m unemployed) had a shower and some breakfast (museli with fruit – someone please shoot me) and am sitting down to work. Today’s jobs – the first stage of a PHP script that will convert a blog entry to a LiveJournal post, and some notes toward The Thing With Sean.

11 thoughts on “Morning Routine.

  1. Yes, again

    I got that auto-publishing script I was talking about working, so now I can publish my most recent blog entry as an LJ post at the press of a button.

    So I’ll spend the next few days fighting with my LJ to make it look good, and then we’ll see. I probably won’t publish everything to LJ, but some stuff, at least.

  2. Re: Nah…

    Hmm. Good point. I shall see how popular an activity commenting on the banalities of my life is, and make a decision based on that.

  3. Re: Yes, again

    If you want your LJ to look a bit like your Blog, use Punquin Elegant w/sidebar as the style. There’s some useful stuff about overrides here: And is a bit of an expert, so you should pick her brain!

    This is my colour scheme, if you look up what those hex values are it should help you work out what they mean by ‘strong accent’ etc, as those terms change depending on which style you use. (Mine is done in Punquin.)

    Page background 003300
    Page text e6ffcc
    Page link 99CC99
    Page visited link 009966
    Page active link CC3366
    Page emphasized text cc3333
    Page title CC3333
    Weak accent 990000
    Text on weak accent cc3333
    Strong accent 003300
    Text on strong accent cc3333
    Stronger accent 003300
    Text on stronger accent cc3333

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