He Needs To Get Out More…

A friend of mine (who may be reading this, for all I know) wrote the following: “Now I’m single, I should be getting out more.”

My reaction to this will surprise no-one, of course: why? I’m assuming (and with this friend, there’s a fair chance that I could be off-base here) that the basic intent is to try and not be single again. Yeah, I know I’m weird about the whole attitude to being single thing. But still – I don’t get the whole “go out when you’re single, stay in when you’re in a couple” thing and I know a.load of folk who’ve done this – been absolute club/pub/party monsters, right up until they found themselves in a relationship, then their attitude became “I’ve already pulled, why do I need to do that?” Which kind of suggests to me that they didn’t much want to be doing it in the first place. And if that’s the case, why do it at all? Surely you’d be better off meeting someone in a place that the natural pace of life leads you to – doesn’t that suggest that you’re more likely to have something in common? Why do something you don’t like?

Christ, I dunno. You humans are all far to weird. Do what you like not what you feel you need to do, that’s what I say…

7 thoughts on “He Needs To Get Out More…

  1. Thank you. Going out and being excessively social, then getting together with someone and sitting at home all the time, is a recipe for disaster. And I would know.

  2. This happens to one of my pet peeves, actually.
    My ex was just like this – I would go out with my friends and he would be sat at home. Since we broke up, he goes out clubbing etc, which he would *never* do when we were dating.
    I’ll bet anything when he gets a girlfrind he’ll probably become a hermit again. It annoys me, because it’s sort of a false impression of what that person is like – you think they’re a certain way, but once you get involved…..
    I’m a very social person, and I like to go out on the town alot, regardless of if I have a beau or not. So this behaviour really gets on my nerves…

  3. When you’re single you have to go out in order to see people whereas when you’re in a relationship the person you most want to see is in with any luck :)

  4. Party In My Pants

    This ‘do what I like to do’ thing hasn’t worked out so far in regards to finding me the man of my dreams. I’ve been living by that principle for the past five years, and sadly I don’t know any different, so I’m pretty much stuck with it.

    It’s a trade off. Do things I don’t enjoy so I can be happy later, or do things I enjoy and always be lonely.

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