Grey Monday.

God, what a shitty looking day. Feeling weirdly drained, for which I balme poor diet over the last week or so. This will continue until tomorrow, when I can go shopping again (or possibly this evening, if it cheers up a bit). I suspect the weather is not unconnected to my new sunglasses, to be honest.

Saw Fin and Ciara’s band play last night, at The Cartoon. The gig was fun. I took quite a few photos most of which are dreadful, and a couple of short film clips, where the sound has come out appallingly, dammit. I’ll put some of the best on-line later in the week.

Today, I have written to the landlords confirming my intent to move out, and then looked about on-line at possible new places to go to. Woodford is looking like a pretty strong contender at the moment – it’s a bit further out than I would ideally like, but it’s a nice area, and looks fairly affordable.

This is all crushingly dull. I shall go and do something more interesting now.

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