Going Transmetropolitan.

Just read e-mail from Warren Ellis, telling the world that he’s just finished writing TRANSMETROPOLITAN. The final issue is three months away. This means, allowing for two specials and a skip month, that I started reading TRANSMET five years ago this month, in the middle of an Edinburgh summer that was never going to end. It really and genuinely does seem like yesterday. I remember reading that first issue, sitting in the sun with my girlfriend, on the steps down to our basement flat, passing a cigarette back and forth between us. I remember laughing out loud at the opening sequence, and grinning with recognition at the closing page.

And I think about the time that has passed between then and now, and I smile. That comic has been part of my life for half a decade, and while I’m not going to miss it, because it’s a story, and I’ll have it on my shelf for a long while to come. But still – five years, I’ve been buying the book. It’s going to be a little odd, never buying a new issue again.

What’s been with you for the last five years?

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