While I had my Mac, my productivity dropped off, and I lost track of where I was with my writing. I’m not sure why. But I’ve been going through the files I transferred back from the Mac to the PC, and surprising myself at every turn with how much unused work is sitting on my hard drive. I started out intending to dust off STORMBREAK, and tidy it up a bit, for example. It doesn’t need tidying up. Somehow, I have managed to forget that I have a complete, unused pitch sitting on my hard drive. All I need to do with it is sell it. Ditto ANIMA. Complete pitch for a 48 page story, breaking into 6 8 page chapters, and parts one and two are each about two-thirds finished as script as well.

Yeah, “all I need to do is sell it” is awfully glib, I know. But for some reason, I’d forgotten that I had so many projects at the sort of stage where I could show them to people. Fuck, if I’d realised, I’d have had STORMBREAK with me at Bristol…

I also found something I wrote year or two back – a couple of thousand words of ideaspace hallucinations and chaos magic – a prose sigil that has run it’s time. Since I’ve heard nothing to make me think that the people I wrote it for are ever going to use it, I may put it up here. I may not.

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