A Single Thought.

Coming back from Tenebrae, ranting aout the state of my love life at Marysia. See it’s been bothering me lately, because people have developed a distressing tendency to ask me if I’m seeing anyone, and when I say that I’m not, they say something like “Oh, never mind, I’m sure you’ll meet a nice girl soon.” to which I am always tempted to reply one of three things:

  • “Actually, I like to fuck men.” (Untrue, but it’d be worth it to watch some of their reactions.)
  • “Why would I want a nice girl?” (Substantially more true, almost as much shock value for some of them.)
  • “Piss off, you interfering old bat. I like being single, and your notion that somehow being in a relationship would in some way validate me as human being is as offensive as it is antiquated.” (A bit of a mouthful, really, but accurate.)

I mean, yes, a love life that could be described as something other than “non-existant” would be an interesting and not unwelcome change of pace, but I’ve got used to being single, and I like it. And I get irked when people seem to think that I must be in some way incomplete because I’m single…

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