Kicking Arse And Taking Names.

I am mostly feeling ace, tonight. I have been to see my family, which is always nice, then got behind the wheel of a car for the first time in almost two years and drove home in some mildly nightmarish traffic without any bother. Went to the gym, and stopped to weigh myself on the way out (the first time I have done so in a while) to make the happy discovery that I am now lighter than I have been in some 4 years – still a distance to go before I’m going to be satisfied, but a happy thing nonetheless. While I was running, I came up with a fix for the last thing that was bothering me about the new improved 2 BEATS SIDEWAYS, that’s has tightened the story, imporved the pacing, and made the ptich easier to write.

I have spent the night installing Quark on my Mac, reminding myself of how it works, and taking my first steps toward lettering a comic.

Now to relax. Time’s getting short before Bristol, and I have lots to do, but I know from experience that I gain my time back by stopping to relax than I do by forcing that extra hour or two out of myself every night.

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