Skool Daze

Went to The After Skool Club with some of the Pure crowd last night. Good night out, marred slightly by running into a bunch of folk that I went to school with on the night bus back. They were very drunk and behaved like arseholes, which was slightly embarrassing since I was trying to have a conversation with Juamei and Sarah at the time.

A while back, I was reflecting that no-one I went to school with would have any trouble identifying me – I weight a bit more, and my hair is a slightly different colour, and I’m older in the face, but I am otherwise unchanged from school – I’ve still got the long hair, and I’m still dressed in black all the time. And indeed, most of the remarks were about how I was unchanged from school.

I’m sure that if they were thinking about it, they’d have be writing that off as sad, but then, I’ve always looked how I feel comfortable, and anyway, I’m not the one that’s still going out drinking with folk from school. That’s the thing I find sad – maybe I look the same, but I’m not even close to the same person I was when I was eighteen. I got no sense from these people that they had changed (although I’m sure they have). Same social groups, same ringleaders. I can only assume that they were at the Still In Skool Klub for the night, or something.

Still, weird coincidence.

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