I Wish I Knew How I Worked.

Some nights, I have to force myself to do anything useful. It’s not that I’m lacking in energy or ideas, even on a bad day, just discipline – a combination of bad time management and laziness means I get next to fuck all done.

Other nights, like tonight, I’m exactly the reverse. Tonight, I have been out socialising, come home, gone to the gym, come home again, tightened the dialogue on SIX STRINGS, written the character description I promised Natalie a few weeks back for 2 BEATS SIDEWAYS, worked on the sci-fi idea that occured to me the other week, put a bit more meat on the bones of the plot I have, and jotted down some notes about a mad idea I had on the bus the other day. Oh, and I read two volumes of RISING STARS, too, and will probably crack open something else to read before I sleep.

If I could figure out how I worked, every night would be like tonight.

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