I Try Not To Do This…

Because I think “what I did at the weekend” posts are pretty fucking dull. But I had an absolutely cracking weekend. So I’m writing about it, as much to justify having done no work at all over the weekend as anything else. Booked in to get a tattoo (from Miles at Into You) in March, then went to see Ocean’s Eleven with Lyssa before having to rush off to Camden to make an eejit of myself on a dancefloor all night. And entirely fabulous Saturday all round.

Sunday was quieter, and started later. Spent the afternoon watching Farscape with Andrew and David (at some point I must get around to writing an essay about that show…) and then we went for Italian and to see Monsters Inc. Might write a couple of short reviews for the films at some point.

But the downside to this is that I absolutely must get a load of work done this week. I’ve got a pitch to finish, and a series to re-plot, as well as a column to write, a code re-write to complete, and I’d like to get some more work done on Thoughtbombs, before I send out my call for contributors.

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