Today’s Weird Thinking:

2000 was the ghost year, not quite part of one century or the other, a year for doing shit that was disconnected from what was around it. It didn’t count. A good year to try things out, see how they worked, a bad year for laying foundations for anything really big. 2001, a bad year generally. The year the future died. Big stain of psychic disappointment hanging over the whole event. Not a good year for beginnings. A year for looking back one last time.

2002 isn’t here yet, but a quick examination with Gematria (because I’m in that kind of mood) tells us it evaluates to 4, Dalet in the Hebrew alphabet, the doorway. It’s all about the stepping through into something new. I’m taking this as a good sign for my plans for next year. This is the year to start shit…

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