Full Of Myself

I have lost most of my day to doing pissant little jobs like putting up banner ads and changing copy of web pages. I know that this is a all part of running a website – the day-to-day admin and trivia, but still, there’s part of me thinking: I’m a skilled web developer. I write code (with varying degrees of skill) in half a dozen different languages. I can understand, use and manipulate highly complex database systems, both as databases in and of themselves and also tied into a website. I’ve worked on both content and commerce systems for half of the last decade. I can administer and configure a variety of webserving platforms, in a variety of network environments. Hell, I’m a passable network manager, too. There are better uses of my skills than fucking about with banner ads and trivial copy changes.

I’m going to hang about late in the office tonight and work on Electricana. I need something that’ll give me some sense of achievement, or I’m going to go mad.

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