So the weekend just gone:

Friday: Huw’s leaving do. Clubbing at the Underworld. Suprise encounter with WEF clubbing people. Good laugh.

Saturday: Went out to meet up with WEFclubbing people for trip to Uptight. Complete non-attendance of WEF-clubbing people, and Andrew and Andrea have my heartfelt gratitude for saving me from an evening of kicking about in town doing nothing, as we went for food and drinks at Garlic’n’Shots followed by cherry beer in the dutch pub that I can’t spell the name of. They sodded off at about ten, leaving me with an hour to kill before Uptight, so I went for coffee.

Went on to Uptight, met Dan and Sarah who I hadn’t seen in ages, so that was ace, but frankly, the club was shit. The music was less interesting than last time I went, and the crowd were older. Dull, dull, dull. Won’t be back. We left very early, and I spent a few hours wandering about town on my own being depressed. Which I really ought to have learned not to do by now. Got harassed by random drunk people who had evidentially decided that they didn’t like my face, which did nothing to help my mood.

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