They’ve shifted a bit

My current “Goals for life” list:

1) Write comics.

2) Various Geek Projects.

3) Become immortal.

4) Climb a goddamn mountain.

5) Publish other people’s comics.

6) Get off-world.

7) Write more comics.

8) Write screenplays.

8) Direct screenplays.

10) Trek across a desert.

12) Own a pub.

13) Visit Mars.

14) Write more comics.

15) Write memoirs

16) Live inside a tesseract.

17) Write still more comics.

18) Alter body with nanomachines.

19) Continue writing comics.

20) Interact with an alien race.

21) Develop entirely new society, based on sane principles.

22) Replace entire body with nanomachines.

23) Write more comics.

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