Shopping yesterday, mostly because I got locked out of the house, and then discovered I had quite a lot more money in the bank than I thought did, and payday is in a couple of days. CDs: Birthday Party “BBC Sessions”, going cheap at HMV. “And The Ass Saw The Angel” – CD of readings and music by Cave, Harvey and Clayton-Jones. Also cheap at HMV. “A Tribute to Polnareff”, v. cheap at Tower. I’m listening to this right now. I have no idea of Polnareff is or was, but there are a lot of artists I like singing in French. It’s very good. Can anyone tell me who the fuck this creature is, then?

Also bought a couple of books and a DVD not going cheap, and then (and I’ll be smug about this for some weeks, I fear) bought a jacket for twenty quid that should have cost over 100. It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s not awful, and frankly, 20 quid for a nice black linen jacket is fine by me.

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