Rock III

Today is Tuesday. Things that rock today:

The Pixies. Late eighties, early ninties. Guitars, drums, shouting and strange bleeding melodies. This is what Kurt Cobain wanted to be, only ten times better than he ever did it. I’ve heard it said of the Pixies that they were a Velvet Underground for their time – not everyone bought their records, but everyone who did started a band. I don’t think that’s right, but still, they sounded like nothing else out there when they started. They still don’t sound like any other band you’ve ever heard.

Wax Lyrical. I don’t set my store by the mystic bullshit bits of Feng Shui, but it seems pretty obvious to me that if you like the environment you’re in, you’ll feel better about yourself, and generally be a more useful and productive person. I’m also aware the scent is one of the easiest ways to manipulate your own head – it’s an easier shortcut to memory than most of the other senses. So, scented candles and suchlike score highly with me. Strawberry, vanilla and cinnamon, in particular. Between Wax Lyrical and a local shop called Greencades, I’m a happy person.

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