This must be what god drinks.

I bought myself a blender a few weeks back, because I like fruit smoothies, and this one came with a coffee grinder attatchment, and you can’t beat proper fresh coffee. So, I’ve been enjoying my smoothies, and my fresh coffee, but ever since I bought it, there’s been this recipie I’ve been itching to try. Tonight, I finally got around to making it, because I’m alone in the flat and bored.


  • 1 and a half scoops of Sainsbury’s Marvelous Mocha Coffee ice cream.
  • A small handful of coarsely ground coffee beans.
  • 3 shots of Baileys.
  • Quarter of a pint of milk.
  • A very small handul of whole coffee beans.

Blend. You should wind up with a pint of pure coffee delight. Fuck all your frappuchino bullshit. This is the way to make a coffee milkshake.

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