Sad On A Number Of Levels

Bored at work. Not unusual, but I have an irritating large amount of work to do, and I’m just not in any sort of mood to do it. Still, things outside of work are going reasonably well. I’m managing to stick to my new healthy regime pretty well, and irritatingly, I feel better for it. Not that there’s anything wrong with feeling better, but damnit I liked smoking and eating crap. I have this terrible feeling that I’ll wind up joining a gym in the near future. And yeah, I know I’ve been planning to do this for the last nine months, but this time it seems quite likely, because I’m discovering that I’m actually enjoying the increased amount of exercise I’m getting. This is Not Right. If I start to show signs of becoming obsessed with jogging, or anything distreesing like that, someone please shoot me, because I’ll be turning into my uncle. Who, I discovered yesterday, has been getting threats from his youngest daughters ex-boyfriend. I laughed out loud at this, because on the list of people I’d fuck with, my uncle comes very near the bottom. Clearly, the daft wee shite has no brains whatsoever.

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