Big WEF(UK) drink-up yesterday. Had a fucking splendid time, marred only slightly by spending the day suffering from a cold that had me feeling like my head was stuffed with cotton wool. (If any of you were wondering why I wasn’t quite at my usual sparkling self, that’ll be why, although given that I was popping pills every few hours, I’m sure you’re all aware of it.) The resturant was fab, if a bit loud and stufy toward the end. Never been to a place where they invite you to draw on the tablecloth, and provide with chalk to do so before. I didn’t try to draw anything, because there isn’t anyone on earth that doesn’t have more artistic talent than I do, but everyone else managed to draw pretty pictures.

Thanks to all who attended for a top time, especially those hardy/mad souls for whom this was the first experience of a WEF drink-up. You’re braver people that I – there were only about five people at the first one I went to, 2 of whom I knew already. I had it easy.

Sudden strange/frightening thought: it’s only a little over a year back that we did the first WEF drinkies. It seems like so much longer.

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