What Alasdair did at the weekend: had a bloody good time, actually. Met two of the comics writers I admire most, which was ace. I’d met Warren before, years ago, but I’d never met Garth Ennis, who turned up by blind chance, which was a thoroughly pleasant surprise. I think avoided turning into a drooling geek. Maybe. Got to hang out with a bunch of top class folk as well, regulars on the Warren Ellis message forums.

On from there to a very pleasant housewarming in South Woodford, where I wound up crashing, then spending half of sunday watching DVDs on the filthy and impressive home entertainment system, eventually getting home at about 8 on Sunday night. Then it was “rescue the flatmate’s laptop” which didn’t go well, sadly.

All that said, though, it dawned on me over the weekend, that most of my friends are “involved” with someone these days, to one extent or another, while I remain single. This is not the sort of thought you really want when tired and emotional late on a Sunday night, as it starts down the distressing “what’s wrong with me?” route. Still, all in all, a very pleasant weekend. More like that, I think.

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