This Rough Magic

OK, so this is becoming slightly ridiculous. I don’t care. Another round of “What Alasdair did at the weekend”, I think. This one was slightly more interesting than most, because I spent Saturday in Brighton with a bunch of folks. We went to the fair on the Pier. (Dodgems! Dodgems!) I managed to get damanged by the restraining bar on one of the rides, because it had to ratched back to ensure that antony was safe as well, and I’m about twice his size. We wandered around shops for a while (Current favourite T-shirt slogan: “I’m only a moderate drinker, but I smoke crack like a motherfucker.”) and then went to see “This Rough Magic“, an adaption of the Tempest set to a drum-n-bass soundtrack. Sadly, the view we had was dreadful, adn while I enjoyed what I saw, and loved the soundtrack, a lot of the spectacle was lost on me.

Still, better than just getting hammered in a pub somewhere. Sunday, didn’t do much. Worked on a proposal for Unbound Comics, but that’s about it.

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