Once again, a week without enough updates. So, what’s new? Well, there’s that big honkin’ plane crash, I guess. Someone I know posed an interesting question: As a result of this, will people be more concerned about flying Air France, or flying on Concorde? I suspect the later – all the press has been focusing on the fact that it was Concorde that crashed, not “an Air France plane”.

Hearing reports that the Director of Pi is attached to Batman 5, and will apparently be working with Frank Miller. I’m a little skeptical – Miller’s name has been linked with this for so long, but nothing has ever come with it. Each time there’s been a new Batman film, there’s the inveitable round of “They’re going to make The Dark Knight Returns” rumours… (NB: the link is to AICN, but it’s apparently turning up in Dreamwatch this month)

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