Artist Hunt

Oh, and I’m seeking artists for a couple of comics projects. No publisher lined up yet, but I want to get some concept art and the first couple of pages of each into the promo packets I’m going to send out. If you’ve got actual artistic talent, and think that either urban horror or mad Cthuloid pulp sounds like your sort of thing, mail me. Urgently.

Never Saw The Light

Can’t even manage to stick to a proper weekly schedule. This is because I am very busy leading a fabulous jet set lifestyle of glamour and excess. Actually, it isn’t but it’s a better excuse than “I’ve got a lot of work on”, so if you’d please believe that, it’d make me feel a bit better. The pitch for Unbound Comics is taking shape. Expect to see “BLACK PLANET: Sex and Lies” available in their forthcoming antho, assuming the editor doesn’t shitcan me.

Oh, if only I’d known

I confess: I’m a politics junkie. Election time rolls around, British or American, and I start following candidates and campaigns, in the same way other people watch sports. It’s the only thing I’m ever tempted to wager on.

American elections are much more entertaining than Britain, because there’s a longer selection process to go through, and the campaigns are much nastier, bloodier and more personal. They’ve long since abandonded the pretense that the election is about policy, in the States. Now it’s all about the personalities. One huge media circus. Brilliant fun.

Normally. This year, though, I’m bored. Really bored. There’s nothign to chose between the candidates. Nothing at all. Normally, I find myself dreading one or the other winning, but this time around, both parties are fielding the same sort of slime, and aiming for the centrist vote. Normally, I find myself able to guess which one will win by watching for the burning light, the need for victory. Which one of the wants it more? Which one will be smarter, more vicious? There’s no hunger in this campaign, no drive. Just two dull fuckers who seem to think that they have a right to be president, because of their situation.

At least I’m not alone. Even the good doctor thinks this one is boring.