365 And Done

365 and done

Well, I didn’t quite manage a totally legit one-a-day – to get the whole thing done has taken slightly over a year. But this shot here is the last of my 365. A sunset behind a telegraph pole seemed like a fitting end.

On to the next thing.

While The River Bank Weeps

While The River Bank Weeps

Another holiday photo from two years ago, this time from Amsterdam. Yes, you’ve got me. This isn’t actually any sort of attempt to make art at all. This is all just the digital-era equivalent of the boring bloke down the road who makes you sit through all the slides he’s had made of his two weeks in Torremolinos. So you just sit there drinking your Blue Nun, while I get the next batch ready, OK?

Mr Bruce

Correspondents 2

Yeah, I know, you wait for ages, then a load come a long at once. Tough. This one’s from some shots of The Correspondents at White Mischief. But not the one that I was at the other week, oh no. These are from May 2009. It’s taken me over two years to get around to putting this set of shots onto Flickr. I honestly don’t have a good reason why, I just got distracted by a shiny thing, and then forgot about them. But here they are. I know some of you are fans of Mr Bruce here, and some of you will be once you’ve taken a look, so go ahead and click through to Flickr for a few more.