Links for Tuesday June 18th 2019

  • Guardian Firewall – Guardian Firewall
    This looks really good. Not cheap, but I am disposed to like a company that says "For the lifetime of our company, Guardian Firewall will utilize a simple tried-and-true business model: Accepting currency for a product that people find valuable. Full stop. We will never track our users. We will never collect personal information about our users. We consider user data to be a liability. Each and every technical design decision is built around that concept. "

Links for Tuesday May 7th 2019

Links for Friday April 12th 2019

  • A New Luxury Retreat Caters to Elderly Workers in Tech (Ages 30 and Up) – The New York Times
    On the face of it, this is an absurd idea, born to soak up the excess cash of the over-privileged. Counterpoint: I am in my 40s. I no longer have the time, energy, or desire to spend my spare time studying the latest hot tech framework (at the expense of seeing friends, or basic life admin), or to re-skill into machine learning or the next highly-employable trend. I *am* becoming irrelevant in my own industry. I would love help figuring out how to cope with that better – both personally and professionally. (And I know I've got it easy…)